1. Do you customize ?

A: Yes, We can customize on Size, colour and even your designs.

2. How do we communicate ?

A: you can what's app us, we will call you.

3. what happens if the Product delivered is damaged ?

A: You can share the snap shot on What's app, we will call your and guide you. You will get 100% replacement.

4) can you make company Logo laser cut?

A: Yes, We can.

5) Do your product Rust?

A: MS ( Mild steel) will rust, secondly we need to consider the product positioning, If it's kept outdoor then will  rust  for sure, this can be avoided by painting/ coating the product every 2 to 3 years. If it's kept indoor, you Don't have to worry.

SS( Stainless steel) it's 304 Grade material with good Nickle content so it won't rust.

6) Multiple Colour is Possible?

A: Sorry we don't.  Black is universal Colour so we recommend Black.

Any Question, please what's app us, we will be happy to guild you.

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